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The Conception


Remember the mid 90s, when Overpower was one of the most popular collectible card games of all time? Remember the excitement of coming home from the comic book store with freshly sealed booster packs, not knowing for sure what cards or characters would be added to your existing armamentarium once opened? Remember the thrill of having to relearn or tweak your playing style with each new Overpower expansion released? Remember the feeling of awe, just holding the cards in front your face, admiring the intricate artwork each individual card had to offer? Well, get ready to relive those memories again...


Power Balance is an unofficial expansion set, released by a fan of the Overpower card game. With the assistance from a talented commissioned artist, a graphics designer and a very skilled printer, all attempts have been made to make the Power Balance expansion as genuine as possible - from intricate little details such as the design, artwork, text font and even texture of the cards themselves, all the way to the instruction manual and box the comes with it. Just take a look at the scans and photos in The Cards section, and see for yourself! Isn't it time an Overpower fan like yourself got a chance to be excited again?!?


Power Balance aims to not only to recreate the nostalgia that comes with the release of an Overpower expansion, but also to bring balance to the game, just as the name of the expansion describes. A set of new OPTIONAL rules were introduced to help achiever this. Fans of the game would remember that the Power Grids of some characters rendered them so weak, so as to be almost completely useless in competitive play. This was an issue that the creator of Power Balance really wanted to rectify, so we could see more characters that were in our card collection actually see the light of day and be used in teams! A statistician (who was forced to become familiarised with the game and its intricacies!) was enlisted to help derive a mathematical formula which took into account the actual usefulness of each character, which was used to calculate a character’s Point Value. The goal of creating balance should be at least partially achieved, based on the new Point Value system put into place with Power Balance. There are other measures that have also been put into place, but won’t be covered here in its entirety. See The Rules section for more details.


Finally, Power Balance aims to bring a sense of completeness to the game. As most of the fans of Overpower would be aware, many Location cards list characters that haven’t been created; several erroneous “inserts” to the Classic expansion were never reprinted; the promotional Warlock character card never looked like it belongs to the series; a full set of the Any-Power cards was never printed; and the list goes on. Power Balance gives Overpower a much more polished and finished feel, having printed the cards that really needed to be part of the game for the sake of completeness. See The Checklist for the complete list of cards offered in Power Balance.


It doesn’t stop here! This is where YOU come in. Power Balance should be an expansion that is made by the fans, for the fans. Future additions are planned, including 1) creating Aspect cards for all the Location cards that currently don’t have one, 2) creating Marvel style Basic Universe cards for the Intellect Power type (providing better rules for use of Basic Universe cards can be derived!), 3) more specials for the characters added in Power Balance, and 4) adding the missing characters from the Image Location cards (Ballistic, Cy-Gor, Spartan and Voodoo). Have you got any good ideas? Do you want to be part of the next revision of Power Balance? Why not join the The Power Balance Legion and put your two cents in?